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 Part of an indigenous way of life is living off of the land and the elements that are provided to survive. As we all did from our ancient ways of living as we all come from a lineage of tribes.

The tribes that we work with live in very remote areas. Their way of life and sustaining themselves is from hunting and gathering.

It is indeed very different to our way of life that we have the abundance and convenience to be able to shop for our food, in an unsacred manner losing our connection to the value in growing our own food and hunting to feed our families.

The Huni Kuin, Yawanawa’s, Asháninkas and many other tribes in the Amazon hunt birds, deer, fish, monkeys, caimans, tapirs, insects and gather fruit for their survival and sustenance. Everything that they do is done in a sacred manner.

Communicating with Great Spirit, the elements, the animals and the spirits of the Forest in a beautiful ceremonial way asking to these spirits to provide them with sustenance so they may survive. And so, spirit provides for them. Every animal that they hunt is prayed over, blessed and thanked for their beautiful life. No part of the animal goes to waste, the meat is eaten in a very conscious way and the elements of that animal is made into sacred jewelry, traditional arts and tools. This way of life is truly a dying art.

Some may not understand this way of life as we have become so far removed from communicating with Great Spirit, the elements, the animals and from living in a conscious manner. Instead this planet is living in waste and excess leaving our sacred earth in much turmoil. We can all learn from the tribes and their sacred way of life, having a deeper connection to ourselves, our food, our relationships, the elements around us and mother earth.