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 April 28th- May 2 - 2018

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This is going to be an Journey you have never experienced before, as we are working with the New Energies available to us at this powerful time of Integration and Rebirth.

The emphasis of this journey, is on the Sacred Union of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within. Working with the power of the Elementals: Earth, Air, Water and Fire.

We will do High Magic and Alchemy workshops with high power elements where we will learn more about the use of sacred waters, crystals and other elements of power.

We will perform a special Glastonbury Chakra Journey, visiting Wearyal Hill, Magdalene Chapel, Glastonbury Abbey, St. John's Church, The Chalice Well, The Egg Stone on the Tor & The Tor. We will also visit Stonehenge, Avebury and the Cathedral of Wells, within other sacred places

We will walk step by step to the places where Joseph of Arimathea (Uncle of Master Jesus), Mary Magdalene and many other emblematic beings put their energies to sow the new seeds of consciousness for the Earth and visit the temples of hope that for generations, have been guarded by the druids. In these places we will channel information where we can receive messages and information that will come to light only for the group.

We will walk through the magical lands where the spirit of the dragons, fairies and beings of nature will accompany us in each step. In these mythical places where the "legends" of the magician Merlin, King Arthur, Guinevere and the Knights of the round table, take more life than ever.

We will enjoy the celebration of Beltane, where unity, integration and rebirth will be the dynamic festivities of the day, surrounded by songs, dances connected from the fire of our sacred heart.

We will have Special Private Access to the White Springs, the place where Mary Magdalene used to perform her ceremonies with the Sacred Waters. A very special elemental fire and water ceremony will be performed here. A blessing and powerful place to work in such an intimate space just for us!

We will give our workshops at the Healing Waters Sanctuary, which is located on the Michael Ley Line

Accompany us in this deep spiritual adventure, where you will be reborn from the ashes for a new awakening towards a more evolved connectivity. This day, surely, will change your life forever.

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• Day 1 - Saturday 28

10am London - Glastonbury

4:30 pm Welcome Ceremony at The White Springs with private access with Shaundra Hyre

6:30pm Private Ceremony with Shaundra Hyre and Renato Guerrero or Free afternoon

(You can ask for more information about the private ceremony)


• Day 2 - Sunday 29


10am to 5pm Glastonbury Chakra Journey with Tor Webster

Wearyal Hill - The Chakra Base

Magdalene Chapel - The Sacral Chakra

Glastonbury Abbey - The Solar Plexus Chakra

St. John's Church - The Heart Chakra

The Chalice Well - The Throat Chakra

The Egg Stone on the Tor - The Third Eye Chakra

The Tor - The Crown Chakra

7:30pm Workshop of Alchemy and Sound Bath with Renato Guerrero and Shaundra Hyre


• Day 3 - Monday 30


10 am to 6pm Magic of Stonehenge and Secrets of Avebury with Michael Tyack

Ancestral Sounds, Channelling and Meditation

Free afternoon


• Day 4 - Tuesday 1


Celebration of Beltane

Free afternoon to visit the typical shops of Glastonbury, receive a private session of Tarot, Crystaline Records or Energy Healing (Sessions by Shaundra Hyre, Magna Auro, Renato Guerrero)


• Day 5 - Wednesday 2

Breakfast 8am Wells Cathedral

10am Farewell Ceremony

Return to London



Tor Webster

Tor Webster, a local Glastonbury man created the company 'Tor's Tour of the Tor' in 2011 and it has gone from strength to strength, as has his involvement in putting Glastonbury firmly on the tourist map of England. In those three years, he has been interviewed by BBC TV, BBC Radio, Russian TV,  Japanese TV, Norwegian and local documentary productions, as well as being featured in German National Geographic Magazine and The World National Geographic TV Channel.

Tor moved to Glastonbury in 2001. His father and Danish mother (hence having the very apt name from birth of Tor) had already been living there for a few years. Tor's tour of the Tor has also become top of the list of Glastonbury Tourist activities on the Trip Advisor website. He is an independent filmmaker. In 2009, he completed a feature length documentary called the ‘Rainbow Serpent Project,’ which is about his pilgrimage to the earth chakra sites spread across the world.

Tor is a medium and healer, he works with the vibration of 'Love', the teacher he channels is of the universal truth. Tor has been studying the ancient traditions of the early Celtic Christians called 'The Way' for over 25 years.


Michael Tyack

Michael has lived in Glastonbury since 2011 and spends much of his time investigating the local landscape through dowsing and reading historical literature. He believes that around the Tor and within Glastonbury abbey there once lay a vast megalithic complex upon which the very first Christian site in Britain was chosen. He keeps up to date with various researchers of sacred sites as much new information comes flooding in. For many people living in Glastonbury the year 2016 has marked a definite shift in the consciousness of ourselves and of the planet, allowing new ideas to open new doorways into the nature of our divine potential. Michael will guide you to some of these precise energy points, many of which are already well marked by ancient buildings and ruins.

Michael has some very plausible explanations of the technology behind the Avebury and Stonehenge monuments, their purpose and why they stopped working. He believes the energy required by these "machines" is once again available now we have reached the Age of Aquarius. What are we waiting for!


Renato Guerrero

Renato Guerrero, born in Santiago, Chile, is a holistic, multidisciplinary therapist, medicine man and channel of consciousness of high frequency of love. Renato in his experience, helps to deepen the empowerment of the human being through the reencounter with self-mastery and inner balance. Founder and guide in Ancestral Route - Spirit of Adventure, an agency of spiritual and adventure travel, which offers group retreats around the world in sacred places on the planet. Renato guided experiences in places such as the Tiahuanaco temple in Bolivia, Lake Titicaca in Bolivia and Peru, Cusco and Sacred Valley in Peru, Salar de Uyuni Bolivia, Atacama Desert in Chile, Avalon in the UK, Mt Shasta in California, Riviera Maya, temple of the atlantes of Tula and Teotihuacan in Mexico, Patagonia among others. He is the creator of the "Adonai" Method that after years of learning and messages received during his pilgrimage around the world, he was able to put into practice a method that supports the evolution of the human being at all levels. Renato has a deep sensitivity and connection with the spiritual world and the kingdoms of nature. He is also guardian and bearer of the sacred waters of the world and guardian of sacred knowledge sheltered in sacred places on the planet. He was named ambassador of peace in 2017 representing Chile. Renato, is an experience guide that will make this retreat an unforgettable experience


Shaundra Hyre

Shaundra Hyre is a medicine woman and healer. She is the founder of Tribu Spirit. An online shamanic shop who supports indigenous communities in the Amazon by carrying their sacred plant medicines and arts. Preserving their ancestral traditions.

She is deeply connected with the Lineage of the Rose, Temples of Isis, the Elementals and the Rays of Light. She is a Water Carrier and protector of Sacred Waters around the world.  She offers energy work through meditations, rays of light, the lineage that she carries within her from Mother Mary, Mary Magdelene and Isis with sounds while she guides holistic retreats around the world to powerful energetic places on the earth. Working with the energies available in these high vibrational portals in the earth. We are able to connect to the earth in a deep way and recover important information from the Gaia Grid to balance and harmonize the energies within and without. She has guided retreats to sacred places such as:  Isla del Sol, Isla de Luna, Uros Island  in Lake Titicaca in Boliva. Amantani Island, Aramu Muru portal, Cusco, Sacred Valley in Peru. Avalon, Glastonbury in the UK and Mt. Shasta California.

Shaundra has managed to acquire a great knowledge thanks to each sacred place she has visited. Her experience leads her to be a Priestess who supports in safeguarding the ancestral traditions in the world. It is her honour and pleasure to journey with you in such a sacred way.



• Includes

Private Transport from London to Glastonbury round trip

Accommodation in an exclusive private house


Tor Chakra Guide

Shaundra Hyre and Renato Guerrero guides the whole journey

Visit to The White Springs - Wearyal Hill - Magdalene Chapel  - Glastonbury Abbey  - St. John's Church - The Chalice Well  - The Egg Stone on the Tor - The Tor – Gog & Magog - Stonehenge – Avebury - West Kennet Long Barrow - Silbury Hill - Wells Cathedral – Streets of Wells

Beltane Celebration

Fire & Water Ceremony



Sacred Sounds


Elemental Alchemy Kit with gifts from sacred places in the world


• Not included


Lunch and dinner

Private sessions

Private Ceremony (Medicine circle)


Travel insurance

Services not specified



Reserve your place NOW in advance!

The Early Bird price for the Journey is £880 and can be reserved by paying the deposit of £500 as soon as possible to make the corresponding reservations.

£500 must be paid by April 1 to reserve your place and the total balance is due on 28th of April without exception. 

Full price after the 15th of April is £1100.

The transfer value of PayPal is not included

Payment via Pay Pal or Bank Deposit. 

• Tickets:

Glastonbury Abbey £ 7.50

Chalice well, £ 4.30

Stonehenge £ 16.50

• Information of interest:

Wear comfortable warm clothes and shoes, rain jacket, warm hat, the Tor gets very windy, shoes suitable for walking.

To enter The White Springs, a voluntary contribution is requested that will be required before the visit.

Stores in Glastonbury close at 5pm

You can ask for the extension of this journey!