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This medicine is like having a very deep soul retrieval and birthing of your true divine essence. It is very powerful and has a divine intelligence. The medicine shows you and helps you clear what is blocking you from living your highest purpose so that you can then begin to receive and open to the magical unfolding of your Divine Plan and help anchor in the light and love on this planet.

Many people have cleared their addictive drug habits or addictive low vibrational ways of being that are preventing them from being in alignment. Many people have quit their jobs that they have not been happy in for years and decided to follow their hearts longing and calling to truly be happy. Many people have healed relationships and let go of relationships and cords that do not serve them. Some have gone back to the time of embodiment and have retrieved lost soul pieces and understood everything in its divine order and healed those lost pieces. Others have met their star lineage ancestors. Some have completely left their bodies and have died an ego death. Only to be reborn to the greatest love and oneness in this universe.

The medicine (she) is filled with the greatest love that you have never experienced in your life. You will feel so much love and connection on the deepest levels that it will bring you to tears, or joy and laughter. She embodies all of creation and helps you to feel that within your own eternal being. She gives you exactly what you need.  The medicine will continue to stay with you and continue to work so please be aware of how she is with you in your daily life and helping to support you in your Divine Plan.

About the Medicine: This sacred medicine is called Xanga (Changa). Shaundra and all the beings of light that she works with, make this special medicine by hand with all their love, prayers and intention. It is the Spirit Molecule mixed with a blend of 23 healing plants. It is administered by smoking. Your journey with the medicine usually last about an hour. It depends on how deeply you are able to surrender to the medicine and work with it. You must be ok with smoking the medicine and have no aversion to smoking. There is no tobacco contained in this medicine.

Preparation and Diet: 3 days before. Please drink plenty of water and refrain from alcohol, prescription drugs and recreational drugs and eat a clean diet abstaining from meat, sugar, caffeine and dairy. Please take time to meditate and start connecting with what your intention is to bring to the medicine. The deeper your connection and intention the more you will get out of this session. We all meet each other half way in the center of our hearts and surrender and that is when the magic happens.

Allergies or Reactions: Please let me know if you have any allergies to plants like tobacco or such. If you are on any type of medication and what, any history of illness or heart disease. This is very important. All medications and conditions must be discussed before.

Price: £100

Booking: Please pay your contribution in full to Then send a screen shot to Tribu Spirit Whats app +447772359261 for confirmation to secure your place.  Space is limited to 6 people and will fill up fast. 

Location: will be given once payment has been sent and confirmed.

Shaundra Hyre - Medicine Woman and Owner of Tribu Spirit