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Free Energy Healing & DNA Activation - "Adonai" Method


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Free Energy Healing & DNA Activation - "Adonai" Method

We are all living many moments of change and many internal processes. These processes are being reflected in our exterior reality faster than any other time before ... "as it is within, so it is without"
The reason for this is the acceleration of the vibratory state of the planet and of all living beings. Therefore, it is very important for our evolution to be prepared for the changes that are already here and that will continue to come in the course over the next few years.

Renato Guerrero, creator of the channelled healing method "Adonai"  will share a brief talk about these planetary changes and after this we will continue with the group session with high vibrational sounds, healing and activation.

Each one of us has the necessary tools to activate not only our DNA, but also our pineal gland, our sacred MerKaBa geometry, etc.
You will be your own Master and you will discover the way to make it possible thanks to the guide of the therapists who will be in service at that moment.
In these new times it is important to remember our purpose of life and remember who we are.
The techniques that we will give in these sessions have been channeled and elaborated in the Adonai Method that unites ancestral and cosmic techniques thanks to the help of people and beings of light of the highest vibration that collaborate for a greater purpose and the evolution of the Earth and all of humanity.

Why is DNA important in our evolution?
DNA, is the information matrix of the human being that is linked generation after generation . Cellularly, the body is in constant change and it is proven that by raising the frequency of our cells, it is possible to change the genetic pattern and thus, to heal our karmic line. This is also called Epigenetics.

Feel free to share with everyone.
This work is based on donations. We are open to your voluntary contribution to financially support the practitioners of this beautiful and powerful Method.

Training for this wonderful module of the "Adonai" Method
will be held for the second time in the UK in July.
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Later Event: June 30
Wachuma Ceremony