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Hape', Sananga and Sounds Ceremony by Donation


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Hape', Sananga and Sounds Ceremony by Donation

  • 21 Alma Square London, England, NW8 9QA United Kingdom (map)

We will be guided by our heart to clear our minds, open our vision and see beyond the veil by expanding our consciousness.
This circle will allow us to connect with all our bodies, (physical, energetic and etheric) thus allowing a greater knowledge of ourselves to live in harmony and Love in all our relationships.
By coming to this ceremony or by purchasing products from Tribu Spirit, this helps your  to create consciousness. Supporting the indigenous communities involved in the preparation of the medicines with which we work with love and integrity.

Tobacco powder with ash from native trees, used ancestrally by native peoples of Acre, in the Amazon jungle of Brazil and in certain places in the northern Andes.
It is administered nasal via blows and each of these blows contains an intention and thus a prayer.
Expands and balances our energy field, tranquilizes thought, decongests the nasal passages, excellent natural anxiolytic and at the same time allows to get in touch with ancient spirits of nature, activates a clear vision and powers the third eye, observing more widely in order to understand The cause and root of our ailments in healing processes, helps in the healing of the liver and supports the identification of fears, phobias, anger, anger and other situations.
Tobacco, is the master of ceremonies, one of the first elementals of the Earth and is used in rituals millennia, brings peace and understanding to our lives.

It is a medicine used by several peoples of the Amazon of Brazil. Specifically Noke Koi ethnic group (katukina).
From the root of a shrub, a liquid is extracted in maceration, which after casting is applied to the patient's eyes.
The Noke koi natives speak of the "panema", which is the spiritual ailment that usually stalks them. Before going hunting, they "take sananga", a drop in each eye, in order to "throw the panema", sharpening their perception to better notice the subtle movements of the jungle.
The sensation of ardor, openness, introspection and mental tranquility are felt when taking sananga, more vivid colors begin to dominate the spectrum. Tearful eyes, a reflex action of the lacrimal, stimulates to mobilize the sensation of crying, where the toxin will come out and energetic blockages of the area.
The spirit of the sananga will deliver a cure for ocular ailments while the coloring of life becomes clear and we understand more about our path guided by our soul. The opening and unblocking energy of the acular area will greatly benefit our external vision of things as internal to our hearts connecting us with a magnificent wisdom, that of true love.

Shaundra Hyre - Medicine Woman and Owner of Tribu Spirit
Renato Guerrero- Medicine Man from Chile

Whats app: +447772359261

Water, blanket or yoga mat, toilet paper.