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Adonai Method level 2 - Evolutionary Healing Technique


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Adonai Method level 2 - Evolutionary Healing Technique

"Adonai" is a healing method that, through a systematic vibration and wisdom, supports the evolution of the human being by attending situations at the physical, sentimental, mental and spiritual levels.
It focuses on the evolutionary process of the human being and on the encounter with his own Mastery.
"Adonai" is a method that can be applied in person and remotely, all the techniques learned can be applied to you, in others and in addition to other therapies.
You do not need previous experience.

"Adonai" is a tool that will allow a process of transformation in this new era. This system of healing and activation will facilitate the transcendence of ancient structures, integrate the new and reborn as the being of light that you are, preparing your bodies for evolution and ascension.
It supports the strengthening of the human being in order to discover his own mastery.
Each of the wounds, physical or etheric, such as fears, phobias, pains, egos and pathologies are linked to karma and can be transformed by discovering the purity of being.
Karma is part of the work and natural barrier that the human being has to be able to evolve and grow in physical and etheric planes. Healing your situations on all levels, you liberate yourself from karma and in this way, a new stage in your life begins where you are part of the co-creation of the Universe consciously, creating the dharma, which is the no-time line where you repair everything and live in total fulfilment.
"Adonai" will help you discover your inner power, to integrate the medicine of love into your being and recover health and balance in all planes in a harmonious way, changing your life in a transcendental way.

This method of consciousness development uses various forms of multidimensional channeling and alchemy. You receive therapeutic techniques to guide others in their processes and for your process of self-healing and transformation of the BEING.
This methodconsiders the unification of the study of the tangible (science) and intangible world (spirituality).
Adonai is to enter a living school of mysteries and wisdom, permanently nurtured by all.
The method also has already been given and successfully tested in the USA, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Chile and professionally adopted by doctors in Colombia and Chile.
Are you ready for a new step in your evolution?

- Breathing and reconnection exercises
- Sacred Geometry Level 2
- Hermeticism
- Universal Laws
- 7 Bodies & 3 Superior Bodies
- Elemental Kingdom
- Energy Channeling Methods - Level 2
- Energy Cleansing - Level 2
- 12 Chakra Sistem
- Mer-Ki-Va Activation
- Sacred Geometry applied to light bodies - Level 2
- Energy Healing through Imposition of Hands - Level 2
- Protocol for consultation, evaluation and therapeutic proposal.

- Method "Adonai" Level 2
- Certificate

- Notebook and pencil to take notes (you can voice record the sessions if you feel it)
- Lunch

Limited space for 12
Important to confirm your attendance in advance

Renato Guerrero
Holistic therapist
Medicine man

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