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Palo Santo Ayahuasca Tepi Pipe

Hape' Applicators

Palo Santo Ayahuasca Tepi Pipe


Palo Santo Ayahuasca Tepi Pipe


These beautiful Palo Santo Ayahuasca Tepi pipes have been made by hand from a Peruvian artisan.

Crafted out of beautiful sacred Palo Santo wood, and Ayahuasca vine, and embellished with a huayruro seed for protection & good luck.


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More information on Palo Santo :

Some of the most well-known Palo Santo uses include inspiring creativity, evoking protection, infusing blessings and bringing both love and good fortune. It is a wonderful tool to use before and during your meditation. Its uplifting scent helps to raise your vibration to bring a deeper connection to the Earth and your divine source.

For physical healing, Palo Santo benefits include relieving symptoms of common colds, stress, headaches, anxiety, inflammation, emotional trauma and more. It is also wonderful for setting and sealing in your intentions with.

One of the most amazing aspects of the magical Palo Santo Wood is that it is wild harvested.  The Palo Santo wood comes from naturally fallen trees and branches that lie dead for 4-10 years before they are harvested. This ensures a very high-quality product that is constantly surrounded by love and respect.